How To Destroy Something Beautiful  (track) | How To Destroy Something Beautiful  (album)
Artist: Team Cybergeist
recorded at: North Port Music and Arts by Angel Bartolotta (2008)

No Daughter of Mine (track) | self-titled EP 
Artist: Beauty to the Moon 
recorded at Florida Atlantic University by Louis Blas (2008)

Catch the Stars (track)
Artist: The Atlas Complex
recorded in Ft. Lauderdale by Philip Bower (2008)

Hotel California (cover)
recorded at Florida Atlantic University by Oren Gross (2009)

Floating Vibes & Float (tracks) | Astrocoast (album)
Artist: Surfer Blood 
recorded in Boca Raton by John Paul Pitts (2009)

Never Again (track)
Artist: BETH
recorded at Full Sail University (2009)

It Has Been A Long Day 
Artist: BETH
recorded at Stetson University by Emily Misura (2010)

Artist: Zachary Garren
recorded and mixed at Stetson University (2010)

Recognize, Better Than This, and Bridge (tracks) | Invisible Ink (album)
Artist: The OverUnder 
recorded in DeLand by Steven Howell (2010)

Kittens Are Awesome (track) | A Typical Atypical Album (album)
Artist: Philip Meisner
recorded at Stetson University by Philip Meisner (2011)

Money (track) | In Vodville (album)
Artist: Peter Baldwin
recorded at North Avenue Studios by Lee Rosario (2011)

Futureshock (album)
Artist: Fick
recorded at North Avenue Studios by Lee Rosario (2011)

Loss of Halo (album)
Artist: Fick
recorded in Gainesville by Kyle Fick (2012)

What A Waste 
Artist: Brent Walker
recorded at Stetson University (2012)

No Love &The Morning After (tracks) | Professional Daydreamer (album)
Artist: Michael Shelly 
recorded at Plush Studios Orlando by Corday Cardwell and “B” (2012)

Count Me Out (Unplugged) 
Artist: Ywada 
recorded  and filmed at Plush Studios (2012)

List of Things and The Risk 
Artist: Beauty to the Moon 
recorded at The Paul Green School of Rock by Dean Haddox (2012)

Hold On Me (track) | This Is It - EP (album)
Artist: Bobby Harper 
recorded in DeLand by Steven Howell (2012)

Just Forget Her 
Artist: Kyle Ritch 
recorded in DeLand by Kyle Ritch and Kate Lloyd (2012)

Kittens Are Awesome (track) | A Typical Atypical Album (album)
Artist: Phil Meisner
recorded in DeLand by Phil Meisner

This Book is my Cowardice (album)
Artist: LAVOLA
recorded at Bieler Brothers Studios by Ryan Alexander 
recorded at the Shack North by Ferny Copiel (2013)

Mountain House & Measure Your Breath (tracks) | Young and Courageous (album)
Artist: Tides of Man
recorded at Clear Track Recording Studios by Spencer Bradham (2013)

Old Tree (album)
Artist: Goodnight Neverland
recorded at Starlight Studios (2014)

Young and Beautiful (cover) 
Artist: Tayler Buono
recorded at Emissary Studio by Jeremiah Dunlap
filmed/edited by Seth Dunlap with Ivory and Iron (2014)

Oh Well (track) | Everything Is Beautiful (album)
Artist: Kurt Travis (Dance Gavin Dance)
recorded in Orlando, FL by Emily Misura

Artist: Joseph Milligan (Anberlin)
recorded in Winter Park studio by Daniel Taylor (2014)

Silver Lining (cover) 
Artist: Harana Zhang
recorded  at Plush Studios by Corday Cardwell (2014)
filmed/edited by Kyle Leonard

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (cover) 
Artist: Tayler Buono
filmed/edited by Seth Dunlap (2014)

African-Irish Guy 
Artist: Derek Ziegler  
recorded in Orlando by Nathan Durazzo (2015)
filmed/edited by Derek Zeigler and Eric Sewell

Artist: Valienta
recorded at Orb Recording Studios (Austin, TX) by Joseph Milligan (Anberlin) (2016)

Finding Home (track) | Better Moments (album)
Artist: Boys of Fall
recorded at The Audio Compound by Andrew Wade (2018)

TBD (album)
Artist: New Jezus
Recorded at TSM Studio by John la Rosa

Mother Moon (album)
Artist: Kerry Courtney
Recorded at The Vanguard Room by Matt Wilbur (2018)

Back To Neverland (album)
Artist: Bob Green & the Whiskey Conspiracy
recorded at Phat Planet Studios by Aaron Gandia (2019)

MAE 2.0 remastered (album)
Artist: MAE
recorded at Schematic Studios (Nashville) by Dave Elkins                 ​